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At an affordable price,
Let's start drone surveying!

We perform SfM analysis at the lowest prices in the industry.
Please leave the creation of topographical data such as "orthoimages" and "3D point cloud data" to us.

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Do you have any of these concerns?

Worried illustration
PCs and software are expensive (approximately 700,000 yen)
Therefore, it is not possible to enter
Worried illustration
The environment is good, but
We don't have time to respond in-house
Worried illustration
I need data right away
Such worries

SOCO can solve all of this!

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With SOCO, you can request it for 30,000 yen !
There is no contract period restriction.
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Just give your data to SOCO!
Leave it to us.
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Delivery possible in as little as one business day !

Three reasons why SOCO is chosen

Drone Surveying

Drone surveying at the lowest price in the industry!

Even other companies' monthly billing services, which have low initial costs, require a minimum of 100,000 yen or more due to contract period restrictions and additional options. SOCO's services can be used only when needed, starting at 30,000 yen (excluding tax) per session. We want more people to use drones, so we are challenging to offer the lowest prices in the industry.
Point 01
Geospatial Information

Responding to requests from a geospatial information specialist company

As a company specializing in geospatial information, we can provide advice on data utilization and after-sales support such as spatial analysis. If you do not have data viewing software, we will suggest the introduction of "QGIS", which is used all over the world. We also hold seminars for beginners, so please feel free to contact us.
Point 02

Transparent accounting and prompt response

Our fee structure is simple, and you can check the estimate yourself from this page. If you are satisfied with the service content, you can complete the application in 3 minutes and request it immediately. Normally, we will deliver within 3 business days after receiving the data from the customer, but if you use the rush delivery (optional), we can respond within 1 business day.
Point 03


Basic rate frame

Basic charge

Lowest price in the industry


Ten thousand yen

(Tax excluded)
Up to 400 sheets can be processed, and if more than this, an additional 40 yen will be charged for each additional sheet.
No contractual restrictions
The following are options
Rectangle 471.png
Expedited shipping: 10,000 yen
(Delivery will be within 1 business day after receiving the data)
Drone photography: quote required
Rectangle 471.png
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Cost estimate

Quick quote

Total number of sheets
*Please enter if it is the 401st or more.
Expedited Shipping
*Please enter 1 if you wish.


(Tax excluded)

*Basic fee + 40 yen/sheet (from the 401st sheet) + option fee

Flow of implementation


* Advance enquiries are also possible
Delivery and Inspection

Delivery and Inspection





  • Can I apply without making an inquiry?
    Yes, of course. If you are satisfied with the service content and price, please click the "Apply" button immediately.
  • What data should I give you?
    Please provide us with a series of photos taken by the drone. If you have any questions, we will follow up with you via email or phone.
  • I don't know how to use the data.
    How you utilize the service will vary depending on the issues you face and the industry you are in. Please let us know your concerns. Please contact us using the "Contact Us" button.
  • Is it cheap because it's poor quality?
    No, that's not the case. We use software (Pix4D mapper) that can obtain highly accurate results of less than 1 cm, so please rest assured. We want more people to use drones, so we set the lowest price in the industry.
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Bringing drones closer to you.
Use the latest technology to improve your business efficiency!

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