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Exploring the Future

I majored in forest science at university and got a job at a major surveying company. After I started working there, I spent my days thinking of optimal solutions using the latest technology to solve the problems my clients faced. There were times when I missed the last train, but it was a very rewarding job.

At the same time, I gradually began to have doubts about how to live as a working member of society.
Are you tied to one job and unable to live your own life? Are there places you want to visit but don't have the time? Are there other things you want to try but are tied to working hours?

At that time, I remembered the friends I had met while studying abroad.
・A friend who took a year off from university to travel around the world.

・A friend who got a job and is saving up money to go to university.

・A friend who quit his job and moved abroad.

It was so cool and fun to see them challenging themselves to achieve their dreams and living their own lives.

We know that there will be difficulties and obstacles along the way to achieving our dreams and goals, but we also know that if we don't give up and continue to try, we will find a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment at the end.


Pursuing a bright future for many people. We will continue to strive and take on new challenges to bring about change in society, never give up on what we want to do, and create a society in which everyone can shine.

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Representative Director and CEO

Misako Ueno

Ueno Misako


Company information

Company name

SOCO Co., Ltd.


December 4, 2019


Misako Ueno

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Geographic information Business
Consulting business


Takasaki Banners Building 3F, 3-11

Sakaemachi, Takasaki City,

Gunma Prefecture

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