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Company overview

We are working to realize a society in which individuals can achieve self-actualization and live fulfilling lives by developing a wide range of services and businesses. All of the services and businesses we provide are a means to achieve this mission, and we will continue to work hard to achieve it.


We are a professional group that has earned the trust and sympathy of our customers by not being afraid of challenges and seeing projects through to the end with responsibility.


Our works

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Geographic Information Business

We create GIS data like addresses and coordinates, map visualization, and offer QGIS training to enhance business analysis and decision-making.

QGIS Training

We provide QGIS training. We suggest ways to utilize geospatial information while keeping implementation costs down.

Data analysis, decision making

We interview to understand your company's challenges and goals, analyze and visualize data, and support decision-making.

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Consulting Business

We advance corporate problem-solving and digital transformation through GIS implementation, geographic data consulting, IT enhancement, and cross-sectional PMO support.

Business Improvement

We continuously refine your business processes, leveraging automation and outsourcing to boost efficiency and productivity.


Experts in upstream processes fill gaps in schedule and task management, offering support to ensure smooth project progression.

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