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"Takasaki City Outing Meal Voucher Usage MAP" released!

SOCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, CEO: Misako Ueno) has released a map of restaurants where the "Takasaki City Odekake Meal Voucher" can be used.

■What is the Takasaki City Odekake Meal Voucher?

These are meal vouchers distributed by Takasaki City to all residents in order to revitalize the city's economy and liven up the city. The expiration date is the end of February 2022. As of December 22, 2021, the total number of stores that can be used is 1,134.

Takasaki City website (for a list of stores that accept "Takasaki City Odekake Meal Vouchers"):

■Introduction to the "Takasaki City Odekake Meal Voucher Usage Map"

This is a map that anyone can easily search for where the Takasaki City Odekake Meal Voucher can be used. SOCO Co., Ltd. employees have created this local design map free of charge with the hope that Takasaki City, where the headquarters is located, will be able to revitalize.

"I hope that citizens will be able to search for restaurants and go out to eat, thinking, 'Is my favorite restaurant available? Is that restaurant I'm interested in available?'" says CEO Ueno. This MAP is scheduled to be available until the expiration date of the Takasaki City Outing Meal Voucher (the end of February 2022).

■MAP's Features
*Inspired by Takasaki City's flowers, the cherry blossom and the white magnolia

The MAP was created with the theme of Takasaki City's flowers, the cherry blossom and the white magnolia. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been unable to go out as much as we would like, but we designed the MAP with a pale pink and bright white as the base color, with the hope that it will make users feel a little more positive and cheerful.

*Simple UX design with an emphasis on "usability"

In order to make the MAP easy to see and comfortable for everyone, the information displayed on the map is kept to a minimum, and the functions are simple, with only screen movement and clicking. The MAP can be viewed from various devices such as PCs and smartphones, so it can be used in a variety of situations, for example, on the large screen of a PC at home and on a smartphone when out and about.

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